Hello world!


My name is Addison. I have added back in the blog functionality to TransKentucky. I am hoping to write occasionally about topics important to trans people and subject matter that intersects the issues we deal with in our lives. This may be things like identity documents, medical transition, navigating social situations, pending legislative actions.

With this, I would love to see some guest writers add to this experiment. If you think you might have something worth sharing, let me know.


  1. Mel

    For friends, family and significant others, I’d like to recommend the books by Jennifer FInney Boylan. These first three talk about the authors life and how they felt inside from childhood to raising a family. They are. I’m looking through you/ she’s not there/ stuck in the middle with you/ and one that is a good mystery story read if you like to read books on the topic , long black veil. Reading these was almost like having a friend explain the emotions etc that go along with the process of transforming, and they brought it to life for me so I could better understand. Thanks for writing these Jenny!

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